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Welcome to the Judson Lake House website. Come on in and take a look around at all of the different things you can find here.

To begin with, because Judson Lake House is an independent book publisher, we have our Bookstore. We love books, and publishing terrific books—on a range of subjects—is the most exciting thing that we do. In our bookstore you can take a look at all of the books that Judson Lake House has published. As well, there are several books that have been published by our associates at Mill Lake Books, plus some other books published by individual friends of ours.

On our Current Events page, we will keep you informed of activities and events in which Judson Lake House and/or Mill Lake Books are participating. These may include: book signings, concerts, classes and seminars on a range of topics. Also, we will let you know about other events that we think might be interesting to you.

We also have several blogs that are attached to the website. For the ‘foodies’ among us, Selma Willms Turner’s blog From Oma’s Kitchen presents seasonal recipes for the different holidays and times of the year, as well as nutritional advice and food-related stories. On Neil Klassen’s blog JLH Publishers, he posts stories on an eclectic range of topics, some historical, others current—mainly, he writes about whatever he finds that interests him. And on his blog at Clear, Concise Writing, Jim Coggins posts comments on writing and publishing, books and writers, snort stories and poems—with a dash of humour thrown in.

We hope that you enjoy your visit with us, and that you will come back frequently to take a look at us here, at Judson Lake House.

Current Events

1 July 2013 – Canada Day – Exhibition Park, Abbotsford

We’re looking forward to the upcoming ‘long weekend,’ and to July 1st, when the entire nation will celebrate Canada...
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